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                                                         Head office: The VAUK Centre, International House, Springhill Rd, Burnley BB11 2LQ Tel 01282 219391
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                                                            The Veterans Association UK is a limited company by guarantee, registered number 7982053.  we are a not for profit company with social intentions.

                                                Forward from Tony ( Hannable) Hayes Chief Executive Officer

                                                         WELCOME TO THE VAUK WEBSITE.
This website is here to help veterans, serving military personnel and their families with any help they might need,
we offer a wide range of services and help with things such as re housing or housing issues, medical help or mental health issues such as PTSD, we will shortly be offering training for work placements with major UK companies.
we also help with things such as obtaining your veterans badge or claim family medals etc, if we can help in any way we will, we offer an holistic approach to our work with a reasonable degree of success.


                                                                                  THE VAUK RE HOUSE MORE VETERANS

The Veterans Association Uk has successfully re housed three more veterans last week, two in Lancashire and one in York, we are still fighting with some councils to re house more veterans.
We have successfully re housed 37 veterans in the last 14 months but we still need to do more, I have written a letter to Anna Soubry MP, minister for personnel, welfare and veterans in the MoD regarding the issues we are currently facing because of the wording in the new housing laws we fought for this at a meeting in June with the Housing Minister the Rt Hon Kris Hopkins MP, but he has so far refused to re word the laws to make councils comply. 

                                                         Regional Co ordinators complete Caseworkers course.
 New VAUK Caseworker completed their casworkers / Regional Co ordinators course, Tony Roath SRC W.Midlands, Cindy McCarten SRC Merseyside, John Bell SRC N. East, Alison Yardley and the caseworkers from Head office Andy Meegahwale, Roger Holgate, Angela Grimes and Kim Banks all completed the course successfully.  

                                                 FREE USA TRIPS FOR WOUNDED VETERANS

           Any veteran who has been wounded, injured or sick through military service and this can be proved
           is eligible for this trip, if you have a criminal record please do not apply as you cannot gain entry into
          the USA.  interested please contact Mark Lampugh on the above telephone number.


The Veterans Association UK have been invited to the House of Lords for a discussion regarding assisted suicide, a potential new bill currently being debated in H.O.L. on Tuesday 29th April.  Tony Hayes CEO and Tony Roath RSC West Midlands and Gareth Corris-Jones RSC London will be the VAUK delegation.

The invitation came from Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, Lord Carlile and three other members of the Lords will be attending.


The Veterans Association Uk CEO and  delegation met Simon Hart MP for Carmarthenshire in Westminster on the 9th April to discuss the farcical state of mental health treatment currently being offered in Wales by the All Wales Veterans Wellbeing Services, the Welsh equivalent of the MVS IAPTS teams in N.W. England, Simon agreed with us that this service is unacceptable and will be looking into the issue although in reality he cannot do much as the AWVWS comes under NHS Wales and the Welsh assembly minister Mark Drakeford.

Tony Hayes has written to Mr Drakeford twice and only received a letter from someone in his office spouting rhetoric and trying to cover their backside and hope we are going to go away, this is NOT gong to happen, Tony has written back giving details of the shortfalls of the current service and if necessary will take this issue to the National Press.

The current timescale taken by the AWVWS is 7 months for treatment after diagnosis, this is totally unacceptable and is likewise matched by Combat Stress, these organisations are not fit for purpose by offering these waiting times for treatment, we work very closely with the MVS IAPTS team and obtain assessment and treatment for veterans in weeks not months, some veterans have committed suicide whilst waiting for treatment.
The VAUK are currently lobbying Government to expand the MVS IAPTS service across the country to all regions not just the N.W of England.


                                                              SEVEN NEW REGIONAL CO ORDINATORS JOIN THE VAUK.

new Regional Co ordinators have joined our team, John Butterworth Nottingham and E. Midlands, Gareth    Corrnis-Jones in North London and Chris Danforth from Yeovil covering the S.W of England and Simon Isherwood from Northampton will cover the South Midlands and East Anglia, John Bell, Co Durham/ N.E. , 
Phil Rennie, Greater Manchester and Laura Maloney,Wiltshire.  We wish them every success in their new roles.

                                               THE VAUK OFFER A SPOUSE SUPPORT GROUP FOR PTSD SUFFERERS.
The Facebook link is  or contact Lynn Humphries on the  Regional Co ordinators tab and help for PTSD tab on this site, Left hand side of top of this page.


                          Ken Lomas and Lynn Humphreys have completed a suicide intervention course in Burnley over the weekend of 25th/26th January 2013 helping them improve their skills as co- ordinators working with veterans and their families with mental health issues.

The Suicide intervention course is invaluable working with veterans with PTSD issues and it is the aim of the VAUK to train all co ordinators in counselling etc to upskill all our caseworkers and Regional Co-ordinators.


                                               New Regional Co-ordinator for the West Midlands.

A new appointment has been made for a Senior Regional Co-ordinator to cover Warwickshire and the West Midlands, the role has been taken up by Tony Roath a former Fusilier.
Tony does WW2 enactments with himself and his colleagues dressed as 1940's American G.I's.
Tony may be contacted on 07949679892 or by email , we wish every success in his    new role. 
The VAUK need volunteers in all areas, some have no cover at all at the moment so anyone who may be interested in volunteering for us please contact Tony on 01282 219391 office hours or mobile on 07713329903.

                                                                       Sad Loss of one our members.

It is with great sadness I have to announce the sad loss of Chip Davies, Assistant Regional Co-ordinator for Nottingham, We only found about the loss in October, Chip passed away on 11th July 2013 after a long illness   I would like to offer the condolences of all the members of the Veterans Association UK   


                                                 THE VETERANS ASSOCIATION UK INTERNET SHOP OPENING SOON:
The Veterans Association UK has formed a partnership with and will be very
shortly offering a great range of giftware ranging from T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Sweat Shirts with 
superb quality Regimental badges, Whisky Glasses, cups, key rings, fridge magnets, coasters and
much more we can also offer large orders with big price reductions to Regimental Associations, Cadet units,TAunits or very competitive prices on single items and small multiples.

                                       OPEN'S THE VAUK CENTRE.
The VAUK Centre was officially opened om Wednesday 10th April by Lord Shuttleworth KCVO HM Lord Lieutenant of Lancashire Lord and Lady Shuttleworth were shown around International House and introduced to bosses and staff of Logic and Rapid Colour by Tony Hayes and Brian Yardley.

Lord and Lady Shuttleworth were introduced to the guests and VAUK members attending the opening, guests include many members of other organisations and individuals who work alongside the VAUK including Helen Lambert from Military Veterans Services ( MVS), Jennifer Chew from Positive Practice (VAUK'S) Chartered Accountants, Christine Blyth CVS,
Mr and Mrs Ian Kay a local Builder and private Landlord, Dean Briody and Steve Hewitt from Unite the Union our new partners in the Learning centre project.

His Worship the Mayor of Burnley Cllr Charlie Bullas and his wife the lady Mayoress, Councillors Tony Martin and Liz Monks from Burnley Council and represntatives from Lancashire Police also attended and from the VAUK, Kirsty Dennison 
Senior Regional Co ordinator for SE Scotland and her family, Alison Yardley Senior Regional Co ordinator for W.Yorkshire, Debbie Gregory Assistant Co ordinator for S.Yorkshire and her sister, L/Cpl Steve Gregory VAUK Standard Bearer and Andy Brierley from Doncaster.
Members of the VAUK Board were also present, Brian Yardley Projects Director, Rosemary Wilson PA to CEO and Admin Director, Liz Jones Treasurer and Kathy Flynn Burne
Lord Shuttleworth with Tony Hayes CEO VAUK at the unveiling of the plaque.

Andy Brierley,                   Debbie Gregory          Rosemary Wilson                  Alison Yardley
                    Kirsty Dennison,                Steve Gregory                       Tony Hayes                                      Brian Yardley

After the unveiling of the plaque Lord Shuttleworth KCVO presented to VAUK Standard to the Association's standard bearer L/Cpl Steve Gregory outside International house.




A meeting took place today Wed 30th January  with Councillors Tony Martin and Howard Baker from Burnley councils 
Trinity ward at the VAUK Centre with Tony Hayes CEO VAUK, houses will be made available for homeless
veterans in East Lancashire area.   
Most of the properties are two bedroomed terraced  houses which two veterans will share together, we will start with 
2-3 houses then start to expand and take on more houses as we need them, we have access to about 25-30 houses 
on four streets which means we will be able to house 50 - 60 veterans.                                     
                Four more new  appointments in the VAUK.

Two more new Regional Co ordinators have been appointed, Julie Briggs has become joint Regional Co ordinator with Debbie Cousins in Co Durham and Lynn Humphreys has become Assistant Regional Co ordinator to her other half  Ken Lomas in Scarborough covering North Yorkshire and two new directors have been appointed
also, senior case worker Shirley Crews has took over the role of Admin Director from Rosemary Wilson who unfortunately had to step down due to family commitments.
Jennifer Chew the VAUK's Accountant has joined the board as our Strategic Financial Director, both directors
appointments were wrote up in the minutes of Mays board meeting. 

The refurbishment of the VAUK Centre has just been completed costing several thousand pounds.
    The classroom and boardroom have been completed and looks superb.

                  VAUK Boardroom.                                                        VAUK Centre Reception area.
                Distance learning centre lecture room, this can be video linked to any learning provider for real time learning.


   Boardroom showing Articles of Association, Articles of Memorandum and the VAUK Constitution
   on the wall.




                   AGM 2013 held at the Campanile Hotel Doncaster


 The VAUK's Annual General Meeting was at the Campanile Hotel in Doncaster on Sat 3rd August, several     Regional co ordinators were unable to attend so a second meeting will be held in Burnley for those that missed the AGM . All the financial details for the previous fiscal year were given and a new methology for setting up the Regions was also discussed.
vital forms and other documents were given to the Senior RC's to help them all build up their regions.

L-R, Debi and Steve Gregory, Asst RC South Yorkshire, Liz Jones, Treasurer, Ken Lomas, SRC N. Yorkshire, Alison Yardley, SRC W. Yorkshire, Brian Yardley,
Projects Director, Tony Hayes, CEO, Jennifer Chew, Financial Director, Chris Chew, Andy Brierley, SRC South Yorkshire, Steve Hewitt, Unite the Union, Malcolm Ingram ,VAUK member from Barnsley