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Our Partners

Some of our veteran friends and other business partners: 

YES Society, a not for profit organisation, was set up by retired Sussex Police Officer, Christopher Hearn, to help support the wellbeing of the UK’s Service personnel. After witnessing the devastating effects of PTSD in destroying the life of a former colleague, Chris created an online Charity Raffle, to help raise money for the Charities capable of helping our Service personnel. We expect so much from our Service personnel, yet we never stop to think of the cost their sacrifice has upon both themselves and their families... The proceeds of the YES Society online Charity Raffle are split between a small group of hand-picked Charities that are best placed, and equipped, to deliver the support our Service personnel require. The remainder of the money is allocated to essential administration costs and prizes. This equates to: 50% instantly apportioned to Charitable Giving, 45% awarded in prizes and only 5% retained for operational costs. If you already play a lottery or other prize draw, why not switch to YES Society to help others and significantly increase your reward potential too! 

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